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Portrait of Edwin Hatton (class of 2007), Anti-discrimination Project Manager at Grenoble City Hall

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Portrait by Eugénie Lèques on October 31, 2013

Edwin Hatton graduated in 2007 from the STU master's program and now works as an anti-discrimination project manager for the Grenoble city hall. Between his first and second year of the master's program, he did an optional internship at the HALDE [Haute Autorité de Lutte contre les Discriminations et pour l'Egalité, now merged into the Défenseur des Droits], which allowed him to meet different professionals in the fight against discrimination. During his internship, he carried out diagnostic missions for the ACADIE study office in relation to city policies, housing and the fight against discrimination.

After graduating, Edwin was recruited by the Parisian consulting firm ALETEYA [now ALTIDEM], which specializes in the fight against discrimination. For a little more than two years, he carried out consulting missions for companies and administrations, which allowed him to be quickly integrated into the working world and to understand the functioning of the different organizations he worked with. He recognizes that Sciences Po students are appreciated in consulting firms for their ability to adapt, synthesize and take initiative, but that the working conditions are often difficult (stress, frequent travel, etc.).

It was through a colleague that he learned of a job offer at Grenoble City Hall, where he had been hired as an anti-discrimination project manager for four years. The main project he has been working on for the past two years is Grenoble's application for the "Diversity" label, awarded to public or private organizations that have an internal policy of equal treatment. This involves carrying out a number of actions: a risk assessment; setting up a monitoring unit; training elected officials, unions and staff; internal and external communication actions; setting up monitoring indicators, etc. At the same time, he is in charge of relations with associations that fight against discrimination, he organizes events related to this theme (conferences, exhibitions, screenings and debates) and participates in networks for the exchange of practices between local authorities. He has also done a lot of in-house and external training to raise awareness among professionals on the issue of discrimination. The major difficulty it encounters is linked to the institutional resistance that this sensitive issue raises and which considerably hinders the implementation of projects.

Edwin's advice

He advises students to define their personal project so that they can use every opportunity to refine it: presentations, internships, exploratory interviews, conferences... are all opportunities to meet professionals and better understand the different possible careers.

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