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Portrait of Doriana Kostic (STU class of 2007) Process and Quality Manager at Plaine Commune Habitat

  • Portrait réalisé par: Lauriane Gabelle
  • Portrait réalisé le: 2013-02-28

However, after two years at Nexity, Doriana wanted to change her field and find a more "operational" job. Going through a period of doubts about her professional orientation, she applied to several offers in different fields. Thanks to her Sciences Po profile combined with her solid associative experience, she finally landed a job at the Entreprise Sociale pour l'Habitat Logement Francilien. She is in charge of setting up animation and social development projects in order to create links with the inhabitants. The first part of her work consists of organizing consultation workshops on urban renewal projects. The second part consists in supporting local projects and initiatives, in organizing awareness campaigns for the inhabitants about their living environment, in developing integration projects, in thinking about the adaptation of housing for the elderly, etc. Doriana also works on the rehousing of DALO people by managing the allocation files. The workload to carry out all these tasks is very important and the pressure is strong.)

Doriana wants to change again. This time she has a very clear idea of what she is looking for: to continue in social housing, with the urban project dimension, and in Seine-Saint-Denis. She applied for a job offer at Plaine Commune Habitat to manage urban renewal and consultation projects. Five months later, she obtained the position of urban renewal project manager. Despite the inertia of the projects (due to the difficulty of reconciling everyone's expectations) and the organizational dysfunctions, Doriana greatly appreciates the team and the challenges are stimulating because it is a question of tackling colossal stakes with very few means.

Only one year later, an opportunity to evolve within Plaine Commune Habitat was offered to her. Doriana is in charge of the proximity restructuring project in order to improve the quality of service to the tenants. Doriana has to understand how the guard's job works, what are the dysfunctions, what are the possible solutions and adapted to the capacities of Plaine Commune Habitat. She tackled the problem of cleanliness by renewing the work tools of the guards, by clarifying the tasks of each one, by reorganizing the management, etc... The stake is to manage the daily urgencies, without losing sight of the "management" side and the long-term vision. After a year, Doriana can already see the positive effects of her work, which is very motivating. By setting up small victories, the teams start to adhere to the project and this is felt in terms of atmosphere and efficiency. She wanted to work in the urban project, but she realizes that management is just as essential. This requires real skills (listening, flexibility and firmness). You always have to convince, untangle complex situations and try to anticipate problems because nothing ever goes as planned.

Doriana's advice

  • « You always have to be open to opportunities. During job interviews, the feeling is very important, you have to find yourself in the values of the company. »
  • « You learn a lot on the job. The important thing is to have a structured mind and to be able to untangle complex situations »

Portrait by Lauriane Gabelle, on 28/02/2013

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