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Daniel THERY, STU class of 2006 Head of prospective studies and territorial observatory, CA Val de Bièvre

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Portrait by Randja Kanouni on June 15, 2014

Daniel first studied history at Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne before joining Sciences Po for his master's degree. However, it was only during a semester in Brazil, where he worked on urban issues, that he decided to do the STU master's degree.

He began his career with an internship followed by a one-year contract at the Agence de l'économie en Essonne, in a department in charge of setting up companies in the region. To do this, he had to write communication documents and guides for welcoming companies, participate in real estate and biotechnology trade shows - one of Essonne's specialties - and put in touch those who were planning to set up a business, local authorities and developers; the objective being to propose real estate solutions to companies to encourage and facilitate their installation.

At the end of his replacement, he entered a period of job search for a few months before being recruited as a contractual employee at the Communauté d'Agglomération d'Evry. He arrived there the same week as a certain Manuel Valls... Within the economic development department, he feeds the observatory of the intercommunality with studies on the economic fabric of the territory.

Wishing to pursue his career in the public service, Daniel passed the competitive examination for the position of territorial attaché, and changed his position to join the development department. He then benefited from a more operational activity that he summarizes as follows: translating the political will of elected officials into operational projects through feasibility studies, urban or land diagnostics and the examination of legal modalities to implement. The projects are diverse, ranging from pre-operational studies to the management of ZACs, from land action (often in partnership with the EPFIF) to development and urban renewal projects with the ANRU.

After two years in this department, he joined the Val de Bièvre Agglomeration for which he now works. He has a double activity there. On the one hand, he is in charge of the economic aspects of development projects, mainly around the ZAC Campus Grand Parc - a major development project focused on cancer research and boosted by the future installation of a Grand Paris Express station. In addition, he is working on the creation of an inter-communal GIS, and in this capacity is managing a team of two people. This major project requires him to manage various issues such as the collection and digitization of data, the management of relations with partner cities, the training of users and the management of user rights and an agreement with the CNIL.

After Val de Bièvre, Daniel would like to invest in more operational functions, for example for a developer or a land establishment, and, why not, have international experience.

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