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Sarah, project manager in the office of the Minister for Urban Affairs

She then got to work with him on the study Banlieue de la République commissioned by the Institut Montaigne between September 2010 and October 2011, the date of publication. This urban sociology study consisted of research and fieldwork of the same type that STU master's students may have to carry out during their urban sociology courses. Sarah, in collaboration with Leyla Arslan and other researchers, defined the research hypotheses, conducted the survey, and then conducted interviews. This was followed by a work of transcription, analysis of the results and bibliographical research in order to write the study. The study focused on the cities of Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil, territories at the epicenter of the 2005 urban riots, and examined the notion of "social cohesion" in neighborhoods where the inhabitants' lifestyles and trajectories are more chaotic than average.

She then participated in the dissemination and promotion of this work until April 2012. Following this study, and while she still works for the Institut Montaigne 4/5ths of her time, Sarah devotes 1/5th of her time to the association "Agir pour l'école", as a self-employed contractor. She is conducting an analysis of American programs concerning learning methods in schools for young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Her mission is also to mobilize potential sponsors for the association.

After leaving these two structures and following a short period of job search, Sarah met with numerous actors from associations, consulting firms, think tanks, the research world, etc. She eventually obtained a position as a project manager in the cabinet of the Minister for Urban Affairs, where she provided technical support to the Minister's political advisors, mainly on the subjects of the fight against discrimination, gender equality, and the monitoring of associations. She describes her mission as "typically Sciences Po", requiring a synthesis work, a critical mind, the ability to move from one subject to another and therefore a great reactivity and adaptability. Her mission mainly consists of writing technical notes for analysis and preparation of the minister's language.

Sarah's advice

«Always be curious! Of course, recruiters are looking for motivated candidates who are capable of developing structured arguments. However, what makes the difference is our ability to surprise them when we mention a field experience, a reading or a person who is off the beaten track!»

Profile written by Céline Laval on 19/11/2012

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