Alumni directory

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You find below the Alumni directory from the Urban School. The former directory will be progressively add on this page; by now, they are available on this page

To navigate in this directory, you can use the Research command of your browser. Each entry  is defined by two categories, the master and the business sector. The full name of the master is mentionned. The business sectors are these : 

  • Conseil / consulting
  • Construction
  • Culture
  • Développement économique
  • Environnement / Environment
  • Finances locales / Local finance
  • Immobilier
  • Logement social / Affordable housing
  • Loisirs / Tourism
  • Politiques sociales / Social policies
  • Promotion immobilière / Real estate
  • Recherche et enseignant / Research and Education
  • Rénovation urbaine / Urban renewal
  • Transports
  • Travaux publics / Public work