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Welcome back!

Welcome back!

We wish a great back to school time to all newcomers at the Urban School, M2 students and to our dear Alumni as well!

Seeing you all at the end of September for the association’s 2018 General Assembly.

In Situ’s team

Crowdfunding campaign – The Lemon Tour

Crowdfunding campaign – The Lemon Tour

Le Lemon Tour

The Lemon Tour is a bike rental service to visit the urban and historical heritage of the city of Carthage and its surrounding area, founded by Célia Corneil, an alumnus of the STU Master living in Tunisia.

The goal of the Lemon Tour is to valorise in a different manner the archaeological site of Carthage, by promoting more sustainable forms of local tourism and offering visits available to all Tunisians and tourists alike. It also aims at bringing back bicycles on Tunisian roads.

In that end, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on the platform Cofundy.

For further information, feel free to visit the website of the Lemon Tour as well as their  Facebook page.

7th Edition of the In Situ Photo Contest : Time to vote !

7th Edition of the In Situ Photo Contest : Time to vote !



Here it is ! Our jury, Sandrine Delage & Hally Pancer, has chosen the final 20 photographs to be exhibited in the hall, 28 rue des Saint-Pères, from Monday, 12th to Friday, 16th March.
Pictures are also online on Flickr.

Thought as a journey in the city through photography and poesy, the exhibition will be a moment of escape to a poem beauty and urban pictures imaginary…

It is also the moment to vote for the photograph you like the most, to determine the Public Award by clicking here !

The Jury and Public awards will be given to the winners on Friday  morning from 10am to 12pm, at 28 rue des Saint-Pères,  but breakfast will be given to everybody !

Applications for the Urban School Masters

Applications for the Urban School Masters

Applications for the Masters of SciencesPo’s Urban School are to be submitted before:
January, 8th 2018 (French procedure).

If you want to join our Master programmes – STU (Stratégies Territoriales et Urbaines), GLM (Governing the Large Metropolis) or the Cycle d’Urbanisme – the first step before joining In Situ – wait no longer!

Journée Portes Ouvertes des Masters de Sciences Po

In Situ’s team was answering questions of students interested by the Urban School programmes during the Masters Open Day at SciencesPo (November, Saturday 25th 2017)

All details (programmes, course content, study trips…) are available on SciencesPo Urban School‘s website.

More information


Photo gallery

The 2017 In Situ photo contest will take place soon ! For the choice of the theme this year, we want to know your opinion. You just have to select your favorite one amongst the themes proposed. The one that will get the most votes will be selected and announced during the urban beer of November, 3rd !…/1ph2sTqNV-sRT6kcU_qB2hDDLesL…/edit

Le concours photo In Situ 2017 va être lancé très prochainement ! Pour le choix du thème, nous voulons connaître votre avis en vous laissant choisir votre favori parmi les thèmes proposés. Celui qui remportera le plus de voix sera sélectionné et annoncé lors de la bière urbaine du 3 novembre !…/1ph2sTqNV-sRT6kcU_qB2hDDLesL…/edit

Photo gallery

Our last Activity Report is now available online!

Our last activity-report is now available online! This report opens up with the financial review of In Situ and then describes the activities of each of our 5 departments.

This report was presented to our Board of directors on June 27th of 2016. It will also be presented to all of you during our next General Assembly, on October 6th. A golden opportunity for you to discover what we’ve been doing over the past 12 months and to be a part of the next staff!

Sweatshirt École Urbaine 2016

Sweatshirt École Urbaine 2016

pull-de-promo-2015The first hours in the library, first presentations, first reading sand very soon the first conference ! (. Table ronde Bidonvilles en France).

It does look like we’re right on track to launch the sweatshirt Urban School 2016  !!

Last year it was a success ! And we do hope this year will be a greater one ! Our objective is to make you participate from the design to the final vote !
Theme: semi-free “Urban School”.
Rules of the game :
Team composition: You can team up to send a design ! 3 people tops with a maximum one student from another master programme.
Design : The theme is semi-free “Urban School”, the designs must have a minimum width of 15 cm. The drawing must include the words “École Urbaine” and “Sc Po 2016”;
Only one side of the sweater will be printed.
Déroulement : The drawing must be sent to until the 2/10 at 10 pm high resolution pdf.
From 3/10 till 16/10. students and alumni will be ask to vote for their favorite design.
After the final vote and ordering we believe the sweatshirts will be available starting on 21/11.
Prize : The winning team will receive a subscription to In Situ and directory 2016. In addition to acknowledgement on the website and social networks.
Let your imagination carry you away !
(And eternal thanks to Olivier for this inspired picture)
Round-table on shantytowns

Round-table on shantytowns

Photo_Alain_dubois_0Photo : Alain Dubois (Flickr)


Sciences Po – Amphitheater Jean Moulin – 13 rue de l’Université – Paris 7. Conference organized by In Situ and Sciences Po Urba (Urban School alumni associations).


  • François SALZGEBER, Director of FNAR- Housing Policy specialist


  • Julien DAMON,  Sociologist, Associate professor at Sciences Po
  • Manuel DEMOUGEOT, DIHAL – Division : “illegal camping and shantytowns reduction”
  • Sylvain GRISOT, Urban planner, Anthropologist
  • Médecins du Monde speaker – “shantytowns mission”
  • Plaine commune speaker – Intercommunity – Plaine Commune Grand Paris

These unprecedented migratory flows across Europe highlighted a spontaneous form of urbanization: shantytowns. France has implemented numerous reduction policies targeting them, but they have not totally disappeared. While shantytowns are not a standard way of living, their numbers are increasing. These urban entities have varied forms as well as divers inhabitants.

Towards the complexity of this situation, we invite you to discover the actors acting on these territories, to examine their objectives and to question their actions.

 Registrations by e-mail:

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